If your family is interested in Peachtree photography, there are so many different locations to choose from! While my home studio is located in Senoia, GA, I often have clients that want to do an outdoor family session. Usually these sessions take place in the spring or fall when the weather is the nicest.

The Calano family is a family I’ve shot a few times over the years and I love them so much! Jana usually reaches out every fall to get her pictures done for her family’s Christmas card. Honestly, there’s nothing more rewarding than when a client returns year after year. Photographers often deal with imposter syndrome and wonder if the work they produce is good enough. So a client returning to me makes me want to scream, “You like me! You really, really like me!”

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I met Jana and her adorable family up at Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City. It’s always one of my favorite spots to do a shoot, especially in fall when the leaves are changing. This time, Jana brought her dog, Bruno. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE when families bring their pets! Seriously, if you ever schedule a session with me and you’re questioning whether or not to bring the dog, the answer is always yes. A resounding yes.

Look, can it get a little crazy when you bring your dog? Sure. But it is worth it when I get that one perfect picture where your dog is actually sitting still and looking at the camera? YES! Yes it is. And if I don’t get that one perfect picture where everyone (including the dog) is looking, then by God I will try my hardest to photoshop something together to make it look like I did!

Anyway, so this is just a little blog post to show off how cute Jana’s family is and what a good boy Bruno is! Please check out my portfolio for other examples of my work and feel free to message me with any questions!

A family of four sits with their black lab dog by a stream at Line Creek Nature Area.

Peachtree Photography | Calano Family

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Two young sisters are sitting in a field and cuddling each other.

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A family of four are standing next to the water at Line Creek Nature Area.

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