This precious family reached out to me when they were looking for a Peachtree City photographer. Lauren, the mom, sent a message over at about two in the morning on Christmas Eve asking if there was any way I could squeeze her in over the holidays. Now because my life is no longer my own and I was still up at two in the morning on Christmas Eve wrapping presents, I responded right away.

She told me her entire family was going to all be together for the first time in a while and they wanted to have a family photoshoot to document it! They ended up only living a few minutes away. And hey we love convenience around here! I drove out to their house in Peachtree City a couple days after Christmas and met the whole fam!

-Peachtree City Photographer-

Lauren wanted to gift her mother-in-law with nice family portraits so this was actually part of her Christmas present and I loved that! I’m not saying that here at Ashley Zohil Photography, I’m basically Santa Claus. Just bringing gifts and joy to families and whatnot. But I’m not NOT saying that either…

Anyway, the shoot ended up being so much fun! They were an absolute joy to work with. You could tell in two seconds that these little cousins loved each other and were so excited to be together. They were making each other laugh and being so silly. Which made my job that much easier because you know I love a natural smile and capturing those silly faces!

This family of 5 in Peachtree City are holding hands as they walk through a forest and smile at each other.
5 young children in red and black outfits are sitting on a porch swing at their home in Peachtree City, GA.
5 young cousins all stand beside their grandmother as they pose for the camera at their family photoshoot.

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We shot this adorable holiday session at my client’s home, which I loved. But if you aren’t sure where you’d like to shoot in Peachtree City, please check out this list.

Peachtree City Photographer | Warren Family

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A dad is holding hands with his young children as they walk through a large field in Newnan, GA.

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