A dad is holding hands with his young children as they walk through a large field in Newnan, GA.

If you’ve been thinking about getting family pictures taken and you’ve started looking up Newnan, GA photographers, I’m willing to bet that you’re a little overwhelmed with all the Google results. Planning a family photography session can be well……a lot. But if you’re reading this then that means you stumbled upon little ole’ me and […]

A mom is sitting in a wooden swing and holding her baby while at a park in Newnan, GA.

When the weather starts to warm up every year, I love to offer spring mini sessions to my clients! I decided that with the last spring sessions I offered, I wanted to make them extra special. As is often the case, I got an idea then dragged my husband into it. He’s handy and I […]

A family of four sits with their black lab dog by a stream at Line Creek Nature Area.

If your family is interested in Peachtree photography, there are so many different locations to choose from! While my home studio is located in Senoia, GA, I often have clients that want to do an outdoor family session. Usually these sessions take place in the spring or fall when the weather is the nicest. The […]

One thing to know about me is that I love when I get to be creative! While we were renovating my home photography studio in Senoia, my mind was absolutely running wild with different ideas of what I could create in there. I will always love outdoor sessions, but there is truly something fun about […]

Michelle reached out a few months before Christmas to see if we could do her family pictures at a tree farm. After doing some research, I suggested we shoot at Minter’s Farm in Fayetteville, GA. I’d seen it recommended by fellow photographers and it did not disappoint! The owners were super sweet and responsive and […]

This precious family reached out to me when they were looking for a Peachtree City photographer. Lauren, the mom, sent a message over at about two in the morning on Christmas Eve asking if there was any way I could squeeze her in over the holidays. Now because my life is no longer my own […]

My sister, Kristen, has introduced me to so many wonderful clients over the years. It’s basically the only reason I keep her around. I kid, I kid because I love. I’ve had the honor of taking holiday pictures of her friend Jana and her family for the past couple of years. This year, we decided […]

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